5th instalment of the new Event album (aka David Cicero) This album is themed around technology being the new religion, which controls us and what we seek to rule our lives. Where science & technology is believed and relied on more than religion. Release Date 2020

© Copyright - David Cicero / The Event (191924516835)
Retro: A collaboration of songs with an 80s analog style. Tracks from this album have been released on some recent independent films "The Quite" & "Writers Block" by Vito Milazzo.
Genre: Electronic: Down Tempo
Release Date: 2017

© Copyright - D.Cicero / The Event (888174103549)
A mixture of warm ambient textures with some 80's influences. Using more of a dance feel than the other albums with more upbeat tracks along with a space age twist. This makes this album stand out from the others.
Genre: Electronic: Ambient
Release Date: 2013

© Copyright - D.Cicero / The Event (885767275621)
A delightful follow on album to Chemical Daydreaming. This album is heart touching, warm and Piano driven. Static is minimalist with classical compositions which work well, its contemporary with a hint of electronic.
Genre: Electronic: Chill out
Release Date: 2011

Chemical Daydreaming
© Copyright - David Cicero / The Event (884502793239)
A mixture of melodic sounds in which are soft, ambient, smooth, and reflective. First Album release by The Event.
Genre: Electronic: Chill out
Release Date: 2010

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